Cooperation has never been as successful as it is now

AWL BŪVE, joint venture is a growing wide profile construction company that provides design, constraction and reconstruction of buildings and infrastruture.
Our company offers a wide range of construction services,providing up to 90% of the output that is necessary for building an object, thus minimizing the number of subcontractors involved.
We are a young, creative, solid and dynamic team. Our personel consists of professional construction managers, designers, construction engineers as well as high quality specialists from different construction fields.


We have set several strategic goals and principles that we are eager to follow in order to promote successful development of our company:
  • To establish as a company with good reputation in the construction industry;
  • To avoid projects that may create a negative impact on the safety and wellness of the society;
  • To work according to the requirements of the integrated system ISO 9001; 14001, OHSAS 18001 (Professional Health and Work Safety Management System);
  • To consistantly improve the overall level of competency and professionality of the company as well as compliance with regulations of ‘The Code of Ethics’;
  • To maintain transparency of our activities.

Our working areas

We offer a wide range of services for individuals, municipal and industrial objects.
  • Design, renovation and construction of residential buildings;
  • Design and construction of water supply and sewerage systems;
  • Construction of waste water treatment plants;
  • Construction of rain water systems;
  • Design and construction of heating systems;
  • Design and construction of ventilation and air conditioning systems; ;
  • Construction of electric installations and low voltage systems;
  • Creation of interior, kitchen furniture, installation of household appliances;
  • Construction of household buildings, fences, terraces, and landscaping of recreation zone, and territory improvement.
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