Comprehensive Construction

Our company specializes in residental  appartment, private housing, municipal, industry and commerce object renovation and construction; engineering network, gas main design and construction as well as infrastructure improvement and landscaping.
We are a wide profile company providing up to 90% of the output that is necessary for building an object, thus minimizing the number of subcontractors involved.
With a high sense of responsibility we treat each project and each client minimizing the impact on environment. We guarantee technical supevision and control in every step of the installation.
Constantly increasing requirements for building quality, compliance with ecological requirements and energy effeciency promotes implementation of advanced solutions and use of latest construction materials and technologies. We follow all the topicalities and changes that arise in the construction industry by constantly improving and acquiring new technologies.

We offer consultations by qualified specialists and the most optimal construction solutions. We conduct constructive calculations and draw up construction estimates. Before starting a project we offer 3D visualization or model design that will let the client look at the object in details. We offer delivery of qualitative construction materials that are necessary for the project execution from European wholesalers.


Our Working Areas

  • Design works;
  • Technical calculations and consultations;
  • 3D project visualization;
  • Site preparation;
  • Concrete works;
  • Bearing structure strengthening;
  • Roof structure installation;
  • Panel installation and mansonry work;
  • Window, door and gate installation;
  • Internal and external finish;
  • Ventilation system installation;
  • Electric installations and low voltage systems;
  • Engineering networks;
  • Rain water systems;
  • Territory landscaping
We are a creative, solid and dynamic team. Our personel consists of profesional designers, construction engineers, construction managers as well as high qualified specialists from different building areas: concrete workers, masons, network engineering assamblers, tilers, painters, electricians, and so on. Due to experience and multifunctionality of our personell, we can fulfill almost every project regardless of its complexity and volume. Our construction engineers and construction supervisors are highly qualified and experienced in civil, hydrolic, industry and infrastructure object construction plan managing, supervising and constructing.

AWL BŪVE, joint venture designs and constructs:

  • Mansions, row houses;
  • Multi-storey residental buildings;
  • Commercial facilities;
  • Municipal objects;
  • Residental and entertainment complexes;
  • Industrial objects and engineering networks.


AWL BŪVE, joint venture offers individual complexes of construction services that provide an optimal solution for different issues related to building construction and renovation for individuals and organizations.
We offer to construct ventilated facades. Ventilated facades is an exellent solution for multi appartment buildings, office buildings and commercial facilities. The structure is made of a protecting screen made of finish material (cement fibre boards, natural stone, profile sheets, glass, etc.), bearing structure and thermal insulation that is arranged between the wall and the finish. The main element is the air gap between the protecting screen and thermal insulation that in the result of pressure fluctuation ensures evaporation of water and atmospher humidity from the structure surfaces. Protecting screen ensures esthetically attractive look and protects the walls from unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical exposure. Physical characteristics of ventilated facades enable to reach significant energy efficiency, thus ensuring stable and comfortable climate indoors either in winter or summer, as well as provide additional sound insulation.
We provide thermal insulation of buildings. We offer our services to multi appartment buildings and mansons, public and municipal objects, industry and commercial facilities. We determine the volume of work by analyzing the particular charecteristics and existing energy efficiency of the building and finding the optimal solution. Thermal insulation usually comprises such works as: Foundation thermal insulation and  waterproofing; Facade insulation and decorative finish; Internal wall thermal insulation; Roof structure thermal insulation and waterproofing; Attic insulation; Window and door replacement. We use certified and environmentally friendly materials and technologies. Benefits of an insulated house are clear:
Low costs in the heating season; Pleasant microclimate; Good sound insulation; Esthetic improvement and increase of the property value.
We offer services related to heating system construction or renovation. To increace the energy efficiency of a building, sometimes it is necessary to replace the outdated heating system to a new one that will be much more effective and at the same time consume less resources and produce less hazardous emmisions. Before the beginning of work pecularities of each building are researched in details, desired type of fuel is chosen (solid fuel, liquid fuel, gas, electricity), related calculations and design works are done. A complex service comprises:Construction of gas pipes and connection to the gas main; construction of boiler houses and technical facilities; boiler installation and its coupler; improvement or replacement of central heating system; replacement of radiators, heating floor and convector construction.
We offer ventilation and conditioning system construction and renovation. A ventilation system of high quality considerably improves air quality and reduces indoor humidity. Good microclimate and comfortable environment is ensured. High quality microclimate and comfortable environment is of great importance in buildings where numbers of people and electrical appliances are concentrated (offices, educational institutions, stores, etc.) as well as in rooms where manufacturing or product storage take place. Our complex comprises full service of qualitative ventilation system design and installation, starting from counselling and different technical solution development of ventilation systems according to the client resources and needs, through to successful implementation in the object.
We design and construct electrical installations and low voltage systems. Nowadays we cannot imagine our lives wthout electricity and electrical appliances. Therefore, special attention must be paid to proper electrical installation and low voltage systems when constructing or repairing. Our service complex includes: Electrical wiring; External and internal lighting system installation; Electrical appliance connection; We provide the building with all the necessary low voltage systems (TV, telephone, internet, alarm, video surveillance, fire systems); Computer networks.
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