Energy Efficiency Projects

Consistantly increasing requirements for energy efficiency of buildings promote up-to-date solutions and use of new thermal insulation materials.
We will offer you the optimal solution forthermal insulation of a building in accordance with reaserch and calculations on thermal losses. We provide all the work to increase energy efficiency of a building.
To carry out thermal insulation works we only use certified, ecologically  safe and environmentally friendly materials. Prior to commencement of work we provide consultations, conduct constructive calculations and draw up estimates.
By investing in thermal insulation of a house or appartment you will ensure lower heating bills in future, improve the esthetic look of the building, increase comfort level as well as increase the value of the property. We provide insulation for multi-storey residential buildings, municipal and commercial facilities, industrial objects as well as private homes.

Our working areas

  • Facade insulation and decorative finish;
  • Roof and attic insulation and thermal insulation;
  • Foundation thermal insulation and waterproofing;
  • Ceiling thermal insulation;
  • Internal wall thermal insulation;
  • Window and door replacement;
  • Assesment, improvement or reconstruction of an existing
  • heating system.
  • Energy efficiency is the level of effective use of electricity that is manifested in form of a final product and in quality proportion to energy consumption. To increase energy efficiency is one of the most effective ways how to minimize the impact on the environment, by decreasing energy consumption on the user side and energy losses in production, transmission and distribution. It gives an opportunity to decrease amount of emmisions that are hazardous to environment and health.
  • As defined energy efficiency means effective use of energy. To decrease cosumption of electricity in a building, it is necessary to understand: what thermal losses are to be compensated, why they have appeared and what energy efficiency measures must be taken. Since each building is unique, energy efficiency measures will differ. Our company spacialists will assess pecularities of your building and offer the optimal variant to increase the energy efficiency of your building.
  • Between experts enegry efficiency is called ‘the fifth fuel’ that may help to satisfy the increasing demand for energy resources. By increasing the energy efficieny of a building, OPORTUNITY TO SAVE MONEY arises to each of us – house managers, property owners, managers of state and municipal institutions.
We offer our services for appartment buildings and mansions, public and municipal objects, industry and commercial facilities. The volume of thermal insulation depends on peculiarities and existing energy efficiency of the building. We will offer you the optimal solution, conduct technical calculations and draw up an estimate based on thermal loss reaserch and calculation data. Thermal inulation usually comprises such works as: Foundation thermal insulation and waterproofing; Facade thermal insulation and decorative finish (plaster, wooden or plastic boards; decorative sheets, etc.); Internal wall thermal insulation; Roof structure thermal insulation and waterproofing; Attic thermal insulation; Window and door replacement. We use certified and environmentally friendly materials and technologies. Even though thermal insulation requires significant investments, benefits are clear: Much less spendings on heating supply; Pleasant microclimate in the building in both seasons summer and winter; Sound insulation; Esthetic improvement of the building; Increase of the property value; Less effect on environment.
To increace the energy efficiency of a building, sometimes it is necessary to replace the outdated heating system to a new one that will be much more effective and at the same time consume less resources and produce less hazardous emmisions. Before the beginning of work pecularities of each building are researched in details, desired type of fuel is chosen (solid fuel, liquid fuel, gas, electricity), related calculations and design works are done. Complex service comprises: Construction of a boiler house and technical facilities; Boiler installation and its coupler; Boiler installation; Central heating system improvement or replacement; Radiator replacement, heating floor and convector construction; Construction of external gas pipes and connection to the gas main.
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