Infrastructure Construction

We are a wide profile company providing up to 90% of the output that is necessary for building an object, thus minimizing the number of subcontractors involved.
The key to our success is a stable, proved partnerships with existing subcontractors and material suppliers that increases construction speed and gives us confidence about quality of the building in all construction stages.
With a high sense of responsibility we treat each project and each client, thus minimizing the impact on environment.
We are a creative, solid and dynamic team that consists of real professionals. Our personel consists of professional designers, construction engineers as well as high quality specialists from different construction fields. Due to our company experience and multifunctionality we are able to execute almost every project regardless of its complexity and volume of work. Our construction engineers are accordingly qualified and have a great experience in civil, hydraulic, industry and infrastructure construction project managing and supervising.
Our company specializes in residental  building as well as infrastracture  design and construction that comprises such engineering networks as water supply and sewerage system, electricity supply and low voltage system, gas pipe and boiler house, heating system, venatilation, as well as rain water system, waste water treatment plant and drinking water treatment station.
We follow all the topicalities and changes that occur in the construction industry by consistently improving and acquiring latest technologies. While constructing, we treat the environment with great sense of responsibility.
Water supply and sewerage system design and construction

We provide all the building stages starting from trenching and connecting to communications, through to covering renewal.

Waste water treatment plant, water deironizing station design and construction

We design and construct waste water treatment plants and water deironizing stations.

Rain water system construction

We will atjust or construct rain water system as well as install an effective territory drainage system.

Boiler houses, heating system design and construction

We provide gas pipe construction and connection design and installation. We renovate the outdated system or install a new one.

Electricity supply and low voltage system construction

We provide electrical installations and design and installation of outdoor and indoor lighting. Also, we construct low voltage cable ducting. We provide all the necessary low voltage systems (TV, telephone, internet, alarm, video surveillance, fire systems)

Territory improvement and landscaping

We provide territory improvement and landscaping. We build driveways, parking lots, pedestrian paths, children playgrounds, recreation and green zones.

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