Construction of Private Houses

Our company offers construction of modern and energy efficient houses of high quality. We will help you make your dream house come true. Come to us with a ready project or just an idea.

We offer a complete spectrum of services from design to landscaping. We conduct constructive calculations and draw up construction estimates.

We guarantee technical supervising and control in every stage of construction. We use certified, environmentally friendly and ecologic materials and technologies.

In the course of time construction traditions have changed significantly, our requirements for comfort and convenience have changed as well. Nowadays by construction of a house  we understand not only bearing structure, roof, walls, floor and ceiling installation, but also construction of all the necessary communications (heating supply system, water supply, sewerage system, ventilation system, electricity and low voltage systems etc.)

We think about communication installation in complex – in the stage of designing a building we search for suitable solutions that are appropriate for the particular place and situation. Often enough the quality of life in the new-built house is dependent on the quality and professionality of the technical engineering design and execution of communications. High operating costs, complexity of maintenance, system failures are the things that may upset the residents upon completion of the construction. Therefore, we recommend a specialist counselling to help you navigate in the diversity of technological options and find the best solutions for you and your lifestyle.

We strive for designing and constructing houses that are outstandingly energy efficient and functional, are well integrated in the infrustructure and environment. We pay great attention to a house to comply with all the ecological requirements: as low as possibe amount of hazardous household by-products, healthy environment indoors, and green recreation zone in the yard.

Our Services

  • Design works and technical calculations;
  • Consulting and drawing up estimates;
  • 3D project visualization;
  • Site preparation work;
  • Foundation installation;
  • Load-bearing structures and roof installation;
  • Panel installation and masonry work;
  • Window, door and gate installation;
  • Indoor waterproofing;
  • Floor concreting and laying;
  • Covering installation;
  • Wall and roof thermal insulation;
  • Ventilation system installation;
  • Plumbing work;
  • Sewerage and water supply systems;
  • Heating systems;
  • Electric installations;
  • Alarm and fire safety systems;
  • All kinds of interior work (painting, tiling, regypsium constructions, parquet and laminate installing, etc.);
  • Staircase manufacturing and installing;
  • Built-in furniture and kitchen furniture;
  • Facade works;
  • Rain water systems;

Our company offers construction of modern, high-quality, energy efficient homes. We can provide all construction works ranging from the basics through hand over. Our architects and construction specialists will be happy to help you implement all your wishes, as well as to propose solutions based on their experience for successful planning of the house and the best, environmentally cleanest, and, of course, most practical building materials. Since the frame houses may be made of different technologies and different materials – brick, wood, expanded clay blocks, cast reinforced concrete, etc. Our company technicians are fully trained in all the modern technologies and building materials used for housing. We will be happy to help you choose the most optimal and ergonomic design.


We offer construction services of wooden and timber houses. Since ancient times, it is one of the building types which provide natural and healthy environment. The main advantages of these buildings are ecological environment, good thermal insulation, construction speed, the possibility to construct even in winter, low construction and, most importantly, operating costs. Microclimate of this type of house is natural and enjoyable. Currently, timber houses are one of the most popular types of construction in private housing sector worldwide. We offer and install custom-designed timber houses. In construction we use all the latest building technologies, which allows using a wide range of architectural and design elements. Construction of the house is made ​​up of multiple panels on a wooden frame carcass that is sheathed with veneer or wood particle board on the outside and inside. Internal space of panels is filled with thermal insulant, which provides the necessary heat retention. But the waterproofing and vapor insulating membrane keep the house structure and thermal insulant from moisture while allowing the house to “breathe” by releasing moisture in one direction only, and capturing from going the opposite direction. This construction provides the home with stable heat regulation settings at any time of year.


We also offer mansonry home construction services. Although in recent decades, wooden and timber house building is a trend, mansonry houses still retain an important place in the mansion construction industry. Mansonry homes are long-lasting, durable and safe. Its exploitation time is much longer than for a wooden house, it will not lose its visual characteristics, and is has much higher level of fire safety. Masonry buildings allow greater diversity of a form and expression in architecture, designers may realize the most daring fantasies as well as decoration of the wall. A wide range of materials can be used for wall decoration – finish bricks, tiles of various colors and textures, natural or artificial materials, moldings and the like. It should be noted that building a mansonry house is a laborious and time consuming process. Also, it must be taken into account that it is more expensive. Technical features such as durability and heat resistance is dependent on the specific mansonry material. Due to the rapid development of building material industry, better and better building blocks are available.

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