We offer a range of services that will not only improve your quality of life, but also increase the value of your property. Work will be done by certified and skillful designers and assamblers.

We offer a full spectrum of services starting from object survey and project execution to system installation. We conduct constructive calculations and draw up estimates.

With great sense of responsibility we treat each project and each customer. We guarantee technical supervision and control in every step of installation. We use certified, environmentally friendly and ecological materials and technologies.

As technologies develop constantly, there are opportunities to create your home even safer, more energy efficient and ’smarter’. AWL BŪVE, joint venture follows new technologies and offer innovative solutions to their clients.

Our Services

  • Object survey;
  • Consulting and drawing up estimates;
  • Engineering works and technical calculations;
  • Dismantling of old systems;
  • Delivery of materials;
  • Air-conditioning installation;
  • Ventilation systems installation;
  • Electric installations;
  • Fire safety system installation;
  • Alarm system installation;
  • Local computer and telecommunication networks;
  • Household appliance installation;
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