For those who wish to improve their living conditions or have purchased a mansion to be renovated we offer various renovation and modernization services.
We offer a wide range of services starting from site survey, project development through to creation of interior. We conduct constructive calculations, draw up construction estimates and deliver materials.
With high sense of responsibility we treat each project and each client. We guarantee technical supervision and control in each phase of the construction. We use certified, environmentally friendly and ecological materials and technologies.
The world is constantly changing and so is the attitude towards our house. Our observations suggest that people begin to pay more and more attention to the fact that the house in which they live in consumes as little energy as possible, produces as little hazardous emissions and pollution as possible, requires less time and physical effort for cleaning and maintaining it, has ecologically clean and harmless environment. AWL BŪVE, joint venture is ready to offer solutions to improve your quality of life. Depending on the building conditions and customer preferences we offer repairs of different volumes – from decoration to change or installation of a system.

Our Services

Design works and technical calculations;
Counselling and drawing up estimates;
3D project visualization;
Object survey;
Foundation strengthening;
Bearing structure strengthening;
Re-planning and reconstruction of a building;
Wall demolition;
Wall and façade thermal insulation;
Foundation thermal insulation and waterproofing;
Roofing replacement;
Home attic thermal insulation;
Ventilation system installation;
Plumbing services;
Sewerage and water supply system installation or improvement;
Heating system installation or improvement;
Electric installations;
Alarm and fire safety systems;
Interior construction;
Built-in furniture and kitchen furniture;
Facade work;
Rain water systems;
Sewerage systems;
Window and door replacement.
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